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10 signs your startup should invest in a virtual assistant

Updated: May 6, 2019

Starting a new business is exciting. It is also challenging and usually requires lots of time and hard work. If you have a startup business, you will understand the large number of tasks there are before launching and once your startup is running. Startups are often run by one entrepreneur or solopreneur, business partners or a small team of founders.

If your team is small or you are a solo founder, you will have to play all the various roles that go into starting a new business. Such as marketing, research, administration, bookkeeping, sales, social media, and customer service.

How VAs can help startups

Using a virtual assistant service to outsource work, is a great answer to the all round support your startup needs in the beginning. A virtual PA can assist you with a variety of tasks. The service is flexible, you may only need a few hours per week and you can pay hourly. If you outsource some of the work that is time consuming, you will have more time to do the jobs that really help in developing your startup.

Here are some warning signs your new business could use some outsourced support:

1. You are losing business because you don’t have time to reply to emails or calls.

2. You are so overworked that it is affecting your health, sleep and personal relationships.

3. Your customer service and experience levels are dropping because you can’t give sufficient care or problem solve.

4. Cash flow is low because you haven’t got time to chase payments, set up agreements and provide a variety of payment options.

5. All your time is spent doing admin, when you should be using your expertise for strategy, creation, growth and the real reason you started the business.

6. There is a skill set you or your team is lacking in.

7. You have enough money to hire someone for a few hours week, but not as a permanent fixture.

8. You have a deadline or holiday and just can’t keep up with the pace.

9. You are suffering from overwhelm and loneliness operating business alone and need someone to bounce ideas off, get systems and strategies in place and share the journey.

10. You require an individual who can perform a variety of tasks, is flexible and has their own laptop and work-space.

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