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12 Tasks Coaches Should Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

Updated: May 6, 2019

Behind any successful business, life or health coach is often a virtual personal assistant. Coaches’ PAs help them to run the business or back office support so that they can concentrate on coaching and marketing themselves.

If you are a coach or setting a coaching business up, it is worth exploring how a virtual assistant could help support your business. Many coaches get overrun with administration, having someone to outsource tasks to can help you to grow your business and concentrate on the parts you love most.

Here are 12 jobs coaches can delegate to a virtual PA

1. Inbox management

2. Contracts and invoices

3. Chasing payments

4. Social media scheduling

5. Application handling

6. Travel and event organisation

7. Subscription, payment and general queries

8. Uploading/downloading content and videos

9. Diary management, appointment and discovery call booking and reminders

10. Proof reading

11. Expenses

12. Blog post writing and editing

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