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A guide to delegating to a virtual assistant

Updated: May 13, 2019

Congratulations on initiating help from a VA!

Firstly, well done on deciding to get support from a virtual assistant! Developing businesses and busy lives are much more successful and enjoyable if you get the right help. Having someone to share the workload with means you will be less stressed and more productive, meaning your business will grow and your work-life balance will improve.

How to delegate

If you have never had an assistant before, or not yet got assistance with a particular business or project figuring out the best way to utilise help can be challenging. You know you need help, but you aren’t sure how to make it work.

We recommend to start by making a list of the things you do for your business on a daily basis, no matter how big or small write it down and add as you go over a week.

These tasks may include:

  • inbox and diary management

  • administration

  • liaising with you clients or customers

  • appointment arranging

  • writing

  • proof reading

  • social media

  • researching and booking travel and accommodation

  • gift buying

  • event organisation etc.

List the tasks into a table, which will allow you to visualise what can be delegated and what you should be concentrating on:

Tasks from columns 1-4 are all tasks which you could outsource to a virtual assistant.

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