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How virtual assistants can help startup businesses

Updated: May 13, 2019

Whether you are a bootstrap startup or have investment, getting more hands on deck can make a big difference to the success of your business. Usually fledgling startup businesses are lean and run by just one entrepreneur or solopreneur, or a skeleton staff with various skills.

Why do entrepreneurs benefit from outsourcing?

It is often the case that solopreneurs wear every hat in the business. As the entrepreneur of a new venture you may be responsible for marketing, business development, product development, administration, applying for grants, networking and everything else that goes into starting a business.

In the early days it is difficult for startups to find the cash to warrant employing full time staff. Yet the need for staff and support remains. Entrepreneurs can face overwhelm by the amount of things that need doing. This can cause them to procrastinate and do even less as they don’t know where to start.

How can a VA work with a startup?

Enter – virtual assistant – the savoir of the startup! Virtual personal assistants come in very useful to small businesses and entrepreneurs running a startup. Entrepreneurs can outsource time consuming tasks to an assistant allowing them to free their time for more pressing tasks.

Virtual PAs can take over organising and systematising the business. Virtual assistants can also add skills that the entrepreneur might not have, such as content writing, digital marketing, SEO or social media.

Why virtual PAs help startups save money

Using a virtual assistant startups only pay for actual work done, so it’s cost effective and value for money. They can also budget for the amount of time spent on each task. Startups enjoy the flexibility of having a virtual assistant. They are not tied to fixed hours and they can use them on a regular or ad hoc project basis.

Why having a virtual assistant will help your start up grow

Having support in the early stages of your business can help take the pressure off, bring new skills and allow you to concentrate on the important parts of growing the business. It is also vital to get assistance as the startup develops. Startups cannot achieve significant growth until they build a team to manage different roles. Getting a virtual PA can be a great way of creating a support system till you are able to employ people.

Where should entrepreneurs start when it comes to working with a VA?

As the owner of a new company, we recommend you to make a list of the tasks you could delegate to a virtual assistant. This will help you get clear on what you must do, and what someone else could help with. Use this guide to help you define what you could outsource.

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