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👀What to read right now 📚

We are hoping the winter weather ❄️ brings more opportunities to enjoy being snuggled 🛋up with a book.

Here are a few of our teams’ fav reads from this year. Here’s why each book may appeal to you…

1. 101 Essays to Change the Way You Think 🧠

For many, this is book of the year! Easy to read essays which bring you back down to earth🌎, encourage you to be happy with what you have and explain why you don’t need a 5 year plan✋🏽.

This book really does get you to look at life from another perspective,


How would you live if social media didn’t exist? 😱

How would you live if people could only see your soul (and not outer appearance)?

The ideal accompaniment to those feeling a bit lost in fast-paced culture. @briannawiest PS don’t underestimate how wise and perceptive such a young author can be.

2. Ego is the Enemy 😌

We all need taking down a peg or two to enjoy our lives more💯. Self-assurance is a good thing. But equally where can you spot your ego 😈getting in the way of how you feel, your expectations or conflicts you may be having? @ryanholiday

3. To Sell is Human 🙋🏾‍♀️

If you still feel icky about selling your product, service or self. Well don’t, this book explains why selling is part of human nature 👶🏽, and actually there are so many benefits to being comfortable with it. It isn’t just sales people who sell, but teachers🧑🏻‍🏫, parents and many other important roles. @DanielPink

4. Happy Mind, Happy Life 💿

Why you should consider going back to the old school and using CDs, a home phone ☎️ or an alarm clock⏰ to regain some mental energy amidst the overwhelm of our digitalised lives. @drchatterjee

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