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Why having a Virtual Assistant is Life Changing for Coaches

Updated: May 13, 2019

Do coaches need a virtual PA?

From Gabby Bernstein and Marie Forleo to Brendon Burchard and Mel Abraham, follow any of the world’s leading coaches and they will recommend hiring a virtual assistant in order to grow and scale your coaching business.

As a coach your time and energy are precious, it should ideally be spent supporting your clients, creating valuable content and developing your expertise. However, many coaches suffer from exhaustion and overwhelm with a multitude of requests and additional admin tasks to complete.

Upleveling and growing your business

Once your business has reached the level where you able to afford employing help (even for just a few hours a week) hiring a virtual assistant can make a HUGE difference in how you conduct business and ultimately your bottom line.

Being able to delegate time consuming and tedious tasks, that don’t require your skills as a coach will free up your time for other projects that will have greater impact on your business and success. Such as more self-development, designing new programs, hosting events, writing your book or coaching 1:1 clients. Perhaps there are tasks that you struggle with or just haven’t gotten around to doing, having a virtual assistant will upskill your team and increase productivity.

What happens when your coaching business grows

As a coaching business grows naturally the amount of emails, enquires, invoices, contracts and payments that need chasing increase too. Having a VA to share the load means you can concentrate on the things you enjoy and do best, whilst they handle the back office giving you less stress and a more professional experience for your clients.

12 Tasks Coaches Should Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

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