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Our Virtual Assistants

We have a growing team of over 35 VAs

Meet a selection of our VAs and our internal staff below

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Virtual Assistant

Background: Many years experience in admin, media and production. Studies in marketing, coding, accounting and Chartered Corporate Governance. In earlier years Helen enjoyed a successful career as a performer in musicals which took her to live in Germany and Japan! ⠀

A recent proud moment helping a client: I'm somewhat type A and a natural problem solver so leaving administration in an inefficient and confused mess doesn't sit well with me. I was able to gut and organise a small organisation's data and paperwork which was immensely satisfying for me and (hopefully!) a big relief for them.⠀

Must have web app:  Asana⠀

On the weekend she'll be: Keeping as active as possible by jumping rope, roller skating ‍and going to the gym. All balanced with a few creative pursuits in the mix. ⠀

Top productivity tip: Find a Mac or MS cheat sheet and learn your keyboard shortcuts. It's surprising how much it can speed up your productivity! ⠀

Loves working as a VA because: I'm naturally curious and I now get to work across a huge spectrum of sectors from legal to marketing to consultancy which is incredibly stimulating for my brain.⠀

Go to work snack: Wasabi Peas!⠀

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