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What can a Virtual Assistant do for a Barrister?

The following list is comprised of actual tasks we do for barristers.

The list is not exhaustive. So if there is something you need help with that you don't see on the list, please feel free to ask us! 

Barrister Specific

  • Bundling 

  • Asset schedules 

  • Transcription 

  • Attendance notes 

  • Requesting updates on running case lists 

  • Updating spreadsheets (e.g. pro form) 

  • Managing direct access/ legal aid inbox 

  • Drafting email legal directories 

  • Formatting schedules 

  • Looking up awards The Legal 500, Wellbeing etc. 

  • ICO renewal 

  • Researching Briefed GDPR courses

Social Media & Communication

  • Networking via LinkedIn (template messages)

  • Social media engagement (Twitter and LinkedIn) 

  • Searching for potential clients/ contacts (e.g. property law sector)

  • Holding accountable for content creation schedule 

  • Scheduling content for social platforms 

  • Editing video 

  • Podcast production 

  • Prepping newsletter

Personal & Ad Hoc

  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner reservations 

  • Booking travel and accommodation 

  • Researching hotel/ restaurant/venue 

  • Planning gifts for staff/kids/friends 

  • Admin for charities 

  • Organising doggy daycare 

  • Sourcing tradesmen 

  • Finding cleaner 

  • Travel and holiday research


  • Inbox management and detox 

  • Dropbox filing 

  • Proofreading (e.g. article) 

  • Researching softwares 

  • Finding speaking gigs and writing opportunities

  • Powerpoint presentations 

  • Mileage 

  • Organising expenses 

  • Reminders for accountant 

  • Bookkeeping 

  • Online meeting minutes, actions and agenda

  • Finding networking and sector events

Diary & Time Management

  • Scheduling meetings 

  • Weekly timetable planning 

  • A call to go through diary to plan and block out time for cases and work

  • Making sure there are no clashes in diary and enough time for travel and follow up work

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